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Lesbian Romance by Spirited Sapphire Publishing

      • Spirited Sapphire Publishing is a lesbian owned publishing company dedicated to providing
        quality erotica and erotic romance to women of the LGBT community. Whether lesbian,
        bisexual, bi-curios, queer or trans, you'll find a very diverse selection of short
        stories and short story collection to fit your personal preferences. All of Spirited
        Sapphire Publishing literary work is written by women, for women.
        Visit the author website at:http://www.spiritedsapphire.com

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Lesbian Romance
(Spirited Sapphire Publishing)


Lesbian Romance: Lesbian Cowgirl Romance Collection. 4 lesbian fiction short story cowgirl romance stories, filled with passion and Wild West circumstance.

Story 1: Cowgirl Chivalry - Erotic Mountainside Adventure

Abby tests the limit of her old car as she adventures through the Colorado mountainside during the blazing hot summer. With no cell phone service, Abby sets out on foot in search of assistance after her vehicle breaks down on the side of the road. Dehydrated and delirious, Abby is surprised when a beautiful cowgirl comes to her aid. There is an undeniable sparks between the two women and concern over her broken down vehicle quickly takes backseat priority for Abby as she tries to seize an opportunity for an intimate encounter with her beautiful cowgirl rescuer.

Story 2: Cowgirl Bridesmaid - Intimate Reception Rendezvous

Tara finds herself the long-distance wedding planner for her best friend's wedding to be held in Colorado and actually enjoys her role as bridesmaid and wedding planner due to the fact that her wedding planning assistant is a sexy lesbian cowgirl with the same free spirited attitude towards lesbian romance and lesbian sex. With the backdrop of a beautiful Colorado ski resort the ambiance is set for lesbian romance between two vivacious lesbian hotties.

Story 3: Cowgirl Rides - Erotic Wild West Vacation

Kelly is a city girl from New York taking a Wild West vacation with her two best friends to New Mexico. Apprehensive about surviving the harshness of the desert terrain, let alone enjoying it, Kelly is pleasantly surprised to find that the dude has a lesbian ranch trainer who is not only naturally beautiful, but apparently, equally attracted to her. When her lesbian cowgirl fantasy appears to becoming a reality, Kelly can't believe how wonderful her Wild West vacation is turning out to be.

Story 4: Cowgirl Winter - One Snowy Romance

Erin is a successful artist who recently transplanted to the countryside of Montana from Chicago. Excited about submersing herself in the rugged country life, yet hugely underestimating the need for self-preparedness, Erin finds herself in a dangerous predicament when a blinding snowstorm hits for days in a row, knocking out power and leaving her without heat. Venturing out into the harsh elements, Erin seeks help from her closest neighbor almost 3 miles away. Erin quickly finds herself heart struck by the beautiful cowgirl and can barely contain her desire to get to know her flannel wearing wonder woman hero better.


No. words: 26898   We do not recommend this book for readers under 18 years of age

Style: Lesbian Romance, Cowboys/Westerns Romance

Available Formats: Palm MOBI EPUB Sony Reader (LRF) ;MS Word PDF MS Reader Text RTF 

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Product type: EBook

Published: 6 / 2014

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