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The Heat of Passion Doctrine: by Troy Veenstra

      • Troy Veenstra grew up in the city of Wyoming Michigan. He was born the eldest of two
        brothers and two sisters. In 1998 after the death of his father, who he quit school to
        take care of, he went to live with his maternal grandparents, living with them until they
        passed away one after the other in 1999. 

        In 2000 his pastor and mentor, John Collins, sensing Troy had much more potential than he realized paid Troy to go back to school, where he obtained his High School degree. Throughout 2001-2003 Troy attended Grand Rapids Community College majoring in English & Criminology studies. Later in 2004, he transferred to Davenport University studying in the area of Law, and received several scholarship awards from various foundations, twice obtaining an award from the Grand Rapids Foundation.

        In late 2004, he became a member of the Kent County CASA program (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children) and served as a child advocate until health issues prevented him from doing so in late 2008.

        Currently Troy has four novels accredited to his name as well as over 150 other titles in two pen names, ranging in genres such as True Crime, Legal Reference, Drama, Historical Fiction, Legal Fiction, Christian Fiction, satire, comedy, Children Fiction and women's romance/lit.
        Visit the author website at:http://www.veenstrapublishing.biz

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The Heat of Passion Doctrine:
(Troy Veenstra)


In Maryland, 1994, Kenneth Peacock returned home to find his wife of several years in bed with another man.

After chasing the man out of the house at gunpoint, he spent several more hours drinking and arguing with his adulterous wife before shooting her in the head with his single shot rifle (the second shot killer her as the first was shot hit the wall just above her head).

Thanks to the Heat of Passion Defense, Peacock was able to get his first-degree charge reduced to voluntary manslaughter and thanks to soft heart judge only served 18 months in a work release program.

Several Americans may not know about the Heat of Passion Doctrine, nor may they realize that this legal defense is allow both Husbands and Wives to kill their significant other in cold blood for cheating... in the marital relationship


No. words: 14279

Style: True Crime, Law

Available Formats: Palm MOBI EPUB Sony Reader (LRF) ;MS Word PDF MS Reader Text RTF 

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Product type: EBook

Published: 7 / 2013

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Dysfunctional relationships   Cheating lovers   Divorce   Cheaters   Married
Leathal   Caught in the act   Legal   Educational   

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