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When Two Tribes Go To War by Paddy Kelly

      • Paddy Kelly, Dublin
        Paddy Kelly immigrated to New York City in 1966 where he worked a number of jobs, finished secondary school and in 1971 attended the City University of New York on an athletic scholarship for gymnastics. It was here that he was first introduced to theatre and first became interested in writing.

        In 1972 he was employed to coach the Icelandic National Olympic team, a post held for two years.

        While in Reykjavik, Iceland he helped in the rescue efforts of Vestmannaeyiar Island following the eruption of the Heimaey volcano.

        In 1973 he became a Hospital Corpsman in the U. S. Navy and, in 1975, assisted in the evacuation of Saigon and the resettlement of tens of thousands of Vietnamese refugees to Westminster, Orange County where he was first exposed to the world of film making, and later worked as a set carpenter.

        Following naval service in 1976 Mr. Kelly returned to City University New York earning a B. A. While at C.U.N.Y. he became involved in drama and subsequently acted in over a dozen plays in and around the New York area, again gaining work as a set carpenter and sign writer on films.

        Upon returning to California in 1982 Paddy further developed his interest in writing when he found employment as a script editor.

        It was during this period that Mr. Kelly wrote his first novel, Politically Erect, (unpublished), a satire of the last days of the war in Viet Nam and the fall of Saigon. Mr. Kelly returned to the East coast and worked his way through graduate school earning his M.Ed. at Boston. He began writing plays and moved into writing and directing full time, focusing on farce, satirical and political comedy.

        Mr. Kelly has to date directed two dozen professional theatrical productions, written half a dozen feature film scripts and is a regular contributor to various film industry publications.

        He has just finished his third novel, The American Way.

        In the course of his career Mr. Kelly has also written and directed a cookery television programme and teaches cookery classes as an aid to reducing stress in your life.
        Visit the author website at:http://www.paddykellywriter.com

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When Two Tribes Go To War
(Paddy Kelly)


Lt. David Harden's lifelong dream of becoming a Navy SEAL has just been shattered, only he doesn't know it yet. Hospital Corpsman 'Doc' McKeowen has achieved his lifelong dream of joining a USMC Special Operations team but is about to be pulled from his first assignment.

With millions un U.N. humanitarian aid being funnelled into terrorist organizations by an unknown operative, the CIA expecting another major terrorist attack and the only agency asset in Beirut having been kidnapped and presumed dead, no first-hand intelligence is available.

Lt. Harden and Doc McKeowen have been assigned to investigate the possibility of the rise of a new nebulous terrorist organisation that employ no previously recognised techniques. With nothing but a fragment of information intercepted by a defector to MOSSAD and time being a factor, western intelligence has little to go on.

To compound matters the ongoing feud between the Chief of Naval Intelligence and the Director of the CIA leave the Director reticent to share information leaving the Navy in the dark about the existence if Lieutenant Harden's cover team.

It is in 1984 war-torn Lebanon that Harden and McKeowen must venture to uncover the new terrorist cohort, as well as the location and timing of their next planned attack. What they discover shocks even the Intelligence agencies of Washington D.C.

It's not what you don't know that will get you.

It's what you know absolutely for sure that ain't true that will kill you!


No. words: 90600

Style: Historical Fiction - US History, Action/Adventure - War and Military

Available Formats: MOBI EPUB PDF MS Reader 

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Product type: EBook

Published: 7 / 2022

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historical fiction   terrorist   Navy SEAL   Special Operations   MOSSAD

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