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A Ripple in Time by David Berardelli

      • Influenced by the works of Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Harlan Ellison, and Theodore
        Sturgeon, he began writing in his early teens. He's also a James Bond fanatic and has read
        every Ian Fleming novel. As a boy, he was inspired by "The Twilight Zone," and focused on
        horror and sci-fi as well as suspense. He also loves humor, frequently including it in his
        stories, as evidenced in his DEMON CHASER series of five novels. His novels, WAGON DRIVER,
        AND DARKNESS FELL, and AFTER DARKNESS FELL, all focus on futuristic dystopian societies.
        APPRENTICE and STEPPING OUT OF MY GRAVE deal with death, and are both spiced with humor.
        His FUNNY DETECTIVE series is another example of his humorous take on death. His novel, IN
        ANOTHER REALM, deals with a world only our subconscious could be aware of. A RIPPLE IN
        TIME, AWAKENED, and YESTERDAY'S JOURNEY are tales dealing with illusion and the
        REDEMPTION are all suspense stories. Many of his stories take place in Orlando, Florida,
        where he lived and worked for more than twenty years.

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A Ripple in Time
(David Berardelli)


Bill Danner, an executive with an Orlando, Florida software firm, flies to Pittsburgh a few days before Christmas for a conference. After checking in to his hotel, Danner, a Pittsburgh native, drives to a familiar haunt from his past and has a drink at a local bar. As he leaves, he is mugged, knocked unconscious and dragged into an alley.

When he comes to, he realizes what has happened and knows he must somehow escape before he is murdered. Just then, he suddenly hears a strange voice guiding him away from the street gang responsible for assaulting him. Once he is safe, he collapses from exhaustion, waking up the next day in a hospital.

As his mind clears, he tries to remember exactly what happened and wonders if the voice he'd heard had been a product of his imagination, possibly brought on by the head injury he'd sustained the night before. But later on, when he experiences the vision of a little girl from his distant past, he begins to doubt his own sanity.

On Christmas Eve, the vision suddenly reappears, this time sweeping him out of the present and back to his childhood. He soon learns things he never knew before and discovers that an unknown love has survived the ages to repay a debt he wasn't even aware existed.


No. words: 30577

Style: Paranormal, Mysticism and Divination, Dark Fantasy

Available Formats: MOBI EPUB MS Word PDF MS Reader RTF 

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Product type: EBook

Published: 5 / 2022

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Paranormal   Suspense   Hallucination   Debt   Christmas

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