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Savage Sonnets by Zechariah N. Frame

      • Zechariah was diagnosed with MS in October, 2005. He underwent a stem cell transplant in
        Chicago in 2017– which was still considered experimental by FDA standards. His current
        MRI scans show no new disease progression however, he still lives with the damage the
        disease has caused prior to the transplant.

        He is traditionally educated with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a master’s in English from Marshall University. He has worked as an English as a second language teacher, a middle school speech teacher, and high school English and public speaking teacher. He also holds a PhD in spiritual counseling and life coaching from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science. Currently, he works as a life coach, tarot card reader, and astrologer.

        He lives with his partner in Hurricane, West Virginia with his cats, Allie and Evo, and his dog, Charlie.

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Savage Sonnets
(Zechariah N. Frame)


Living with multiple sclerosis for 17 years has certainly had its challenges. There are many days I wish I could go for a run to clear my head, or sit in a challenging yoga position to contemplate my struggles… but unfortunately, my disease has progressed in such a way that these physical outlets are not options for me. So what is a person supposed to do to process their emotional energy?

Sure, crying helps. But it only goes so far.

As a certified life coach, educator, and trauma survivor, I know that keeping it buried will have negative long-term effects. Lashing out at others is a pretty negative practice as well. Punching bags are not much of a thing and water activities don't typically pan out for wheelchair users. Again, what are my options?

I write.

These sonnets are a reflection of emotions or feelings that I was unable to process in the moment of writing for whatever reason. Some of the sonnets capture progression of disability and provide an image to my ever-fading physical ability. Things like grooming, dressing, feeling forgotten by loved ones, marital challenges, physical challenges… Some of these themes are common even for the able-bodied, but with the additional strain of a handicap, simple tasks are anything but simple- leaving the soul to yearn for an escape. Just like life, it isn't all bad. There are humorous and lighthearted poems, as well as poems of love, celebration, birthdays and anniversaries.


No. words: 8200


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Product type: EBook

Published: 3 / 2022

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