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In Another Realm by David Berardelli

      • Influenced by the works of Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Harlan Ellison, and Theodore
        Sturgeon, he began writing in his early teens. He's also a James Bond fanatic and has read
        every Ian Fleming novel. As a boy, he was inspired by "The Twilight Zone," and focused on
        horror and sci-fi as well as suspense. He also loves humor, frequently including it in his
        stories, as evidenced in his DEMON CHASER series of five novels. His novels, WAGON DRIVER,
        AND DARKNESS FELL, and AFTER DARKNESS FELL, all focus on futuristic dystopian societies.
        APPRENTICE and STEPPING OUT OF MY GRAVE deal with death, and are both spiced with humor.
        His FUNNY DETECTIVE series is another example of his humorous take on death. His novel, IN
        ANOTHER REALM, deals with a world only our subconscious could be aware of. A RIPPLE IN
        TIME, AWAKENED, and YESTERDAY'S JOURNEY are tales dealing with illusion and the
        REDEMPTION are all suspense stories. Many of his stories take place in Orlando, Florida,
        where he lived and worked for more than twenty years.

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In Another Realm
(David Berardelli)


Jack Clarkson wakes up and finds himself in a beautiful meadow filled with flowers and lush green grass, and a giant pine forest looming a hundred yards straight ahead. He has no idea how he got there, nor does he remember seeing such a place before. The last thing he remembers is driving to work earlier that morning.

Just as he decides to explore this strange place, he encounters a lovely dark-haired woman who, like himself, has no recollection of how she'd gotten there, or anything that happened before.

Together they explore this mysterious place to find out where it will take them. However, they soon discover many horrors in this beautiful world, among them, death, darkness, and a chilling loneliness neither of them has ever known before. As they continue their search, they both realize that the only thing that will save them is the very secret lying within the deepest fabric of this mysterious world. But they also discover that this same fabric, if unraveled, will cover their very existence in such darkness, light will never be able to enter their lives again.


No. words: 79821

Style: Dark Fantasy, Suspense

Available Formats: MOBI EPUB MS Word PDF MS Reader RTF 

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Product type: EBook

Published: 1 / 2022

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