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Aquatic Humanoids by Gary W. Babb

      • Mr. Babb is a retired executive/engineer, US veteran, senior and a traditionally published
        author of ten books.  He is originally from Oklahoma, but work has taken him to South
        Florida to South Texas and finally to Southern California where he spent twenty-five years
        before retiring to sunny Arizona. Prior to beginning his career in Cable TV, he served in
        the US Navy in communications and traveled the world. His education includes Western
        Oklahoma State College, Amarillo College, DeVry Institute of Technology, National Cable
        Television Institute (NCTI), and he currently holds an FCC license in communication.

        As a business executive, his previous writing experience had been directed toward letters, memos, proposals, and reports, however he has always enjoyed the magic that can be spun with words to sell, convince, or inform those targeted. Earth is Ours was his first effort toward spinning a tale of entertainment. The telling of this story and weaving the words provides a very exciting and entertaining saga, which won Best Fantasy/SciFi 2005 from the prestigious San Diego Book Awards Association. The sequel, Target Earth, won Finalist 2006 from the same awards. The third of this series, Earth's Dragons, was published in 2010.

        Mr. Babb is now retired, living in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Junie and three small dogs, whose antics find their way into many of his works. Gary now writes full-time, having published books in numerous genres: Fantasy series; Earth is Ours, Target Earth, Earth’s Dragons; a biography, The People’s Warrior; a SciFi series, Genesis Logs and Genesis Prime; a YA Fantasy, Dark Angels of Zeus; and Bathroom Politics. Two new SciFi thriller series have recently been launched with Apocalypse, and its pending sequel, Aquatic Humanoids, and Star Children, with two additional books pending publication.
        Visit the author website at:http://www.garywbabb.com

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Aquatic Humanoids
(Gary W. Babb)


The water world of Apsaran is dying and the humanoid inhabitants are near extinction. The last generation of one hundred, "Blue Team", are infertile and can no longer reproduce. They hope to escape and migrate to Earth, where the only other humanoid race exists. They hope to save their race, in part, by in-breeding with humans for the needed DNA diversity to reverse their infertility. Unfortunately, Earth is also on the brink of self-destruction, which would also doom any chance of survival for them.

The Apsarians have advanced technology, and through this, some limited ability to view the future. They use this to witness the future impending collapse of Earth's civilization and fall into chaos. In order to save themselves, they must also save and partner with an Earth Survival Team prior to their arrival and Earth's collapse of civilization. While en route to Earth they recruit Mike Brannon via Earth's Internet to build this joint survival community and provides the funding source via Earth's Lottery through their advanced technology.

Brin, the son of the last monarch on Apsaras, and his identical twin mates Meg and Peg lead the last generation of a hundred young adults in an exodus to Earth. They hope Earth's menage survival members of young, single, educated members can build and defend this community while they are en route. There own survival depends on it. These merged teams hope to defend their community and remain sequestered for a minimum of two years or until all the rioting and lawlessness runs its course. Afterward, they hope to help rebuild civilization.

Unfortunately, as they reach Earth and the teams merge they find themselves in a battle to prevent Earth from destroying itself and their survival community they had managed to build in the process.

Aquatic Humanoids is a parallel view from the aliens' point of view of a basic story previously presented in Apocalypse. Aquatic Humanoids begins on a distant planet and merges with and propels the original story beyond its previous limits.

This is a work of science fiction laced with sexual content bordering on the taboo; but the erotic sex is part of the main SciFi story and a natural progression of the developing menage characters under diverse circumstances.

CONTENT WARNING: Contains adult themes (erotica) which are unsuitable for persons under 18 years of age.


No. words: 80369   We do not recommend this book for readers under 18 years of age

Style: Science Fiction - Apocalyptic, Action/Adventure - General

Available Formats: MOBI EPUB MS Word PDF MS Reader RTF 

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Product type: EBook

Published: 7 / 2021

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