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Pure Romance Collection Part Two by Elizabeth Reed

      • As long as I can remember I have always loved everything and anything to do with the
        romance genre. Enjoying writing, reading and watching a wide range of love stories. I am a
        true romantic at heart!

        So after studying for a philosophy degree and then going on to work in a corporate job in advertising, I decided to reconnect with my passion again! I now write mainly romance short stories, with the aim to share all of my ideas with others who also have an interest in romantic fiction.
        I write in a range of romance subgenres including erotic romance, contemporary, sweet, paranormal/fantasy fiction and historical. I hope to continue writing as long as my ideas keep flowing out from my mind.

        In early 2014 I experienced my own personal love story, when I married my one true love. I now live together with my husband in London.

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Pure Romance Collection Part Two
(Elizabeth Reed)


Please note that each of these stories can be bought as a standalone separate story.

The Surprise Date
After celebrating her best friend Helen's wedding, Julia is making an effort to improve her love life. Having signed up for online dating months ago, she now thinks she has met someone special ??" a man called Dean, who might just be able to claim her heart. This is more than a relief to Julia, as she is trying to avoid all contact with Helen's brother Mark. Julia has a complicated history with Mark, who has a profound, unnerving effect on her senses.
Putting the issue of Mark behind her, Julia waits at a coffee bar to meet Dean in the flesh at last. To her surprise and horror, Dean is very different from what she had imagined….

Getting the Boss's Attention
From the moment Helen set eyes on her boss, Ben, she knew they were destined to end up together. The only problem was that getting Ben's attention proved to be an extremely difficult task to accomplish. His entire focus seemed to be fixed on his work, with socialising not a priority in his life.
Then, an invitation arrives for a charity ball, and to Helen's surprise, Ben announces that they should attend together. She wonders if this could be just the opportunity she has been waiting for, to bring them closer.
But Helen's hopes seem to be in vain with the charity ball a disaster from beginning to end, and Helen eventually pushed into an outburst. This makes her start to question her feelings about Ben in the first place, and whether all her hard work in getting his attention and affection were ever worth her efforts!

The Secret Billionaire
Jessica meets an extremely handsome stranger while sitting and minding her own business on the train.
But the stranger seems determined to strike up a conversation and gain Jessica's attention. On their journey together, he tells her that his name is Paul and that he finds her beautiful, all before asking her out on a date.
Now, some women would have been flattered by such a compliment, but not Jessica! She has sworn off any interest in men and is less than impressed by a pass being made at her, and rudely tells Paul her thoughts on the matter before they part ways.
The next day, the scene between Paul and herself plays in her mind and Jessica wonders if she had been too harsh with her words to him, but she puts her feelings of guilt aside taking comfort in the fact that she will never see the stranger again.
Unfortunately, she finds out the hard way that fate sometimes throws people together, and to her surprise and horror she meets Paul again at the hotel where she works. This time around, she becomes aware that the stranger is no other than Mr Paul Truman who is a billionaire. What's even more surprising is that fact that Paul seems even more determined than ever to prove that he is just the man for her!

The Reluctant Damsel in Distress
Both Annabel and Gavin find their lives changing the moment they dramatically meet after Gavin nearly runs her over in the middle of the road!
Gavin insists on taking Annabel home after she is shaken by the event, and there, he is met by her matchmaking mother just before finding out on the same visit that Annabel is in need of much help as the bailiffs in his presence give her forty-eight hours to pay off her debts to them otherwise Annabel's possessions will be confiscated.
Annabel feels uncomfortable that Gavin is aware of her problem, but worse is to come when he takes it upon himself to pay off her debts, and she finds that she now owes him instead of the bailiffs and so is at his mercy!
Now Annabel finds herself working hard to pay back Gavin's money, but even more difficult for her is her fight to resist the obvious attraction they share between them.


No. words: 22717

Style: Romance - general, Romance Short Story

Available Formats: Palm MOBI EPUB Sony Reader (LRF) ;MS Word PDF MS Reader Text RTF 

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Product type: EBook

Published: 5 / 2016

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romance short story   sweet romance short story   clean romance story   alpha male   wealthy male

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