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Pure Romance Collection Part One  by Elizabeth Reed

      • As long as I can remember I have always loved everything and anything to do with the
        romance genre. Enjoying writing, reading and watching a wide range of love stories. I am a
        true romantic at heart!

        So after studying for a philosophy degree and then going on to work in a corporate job in advertising, I decided to reconnect with my passion again! I now write mainly romance short stories, with the aim to share all of my ideas with others who also have an interest in romantic fiction.
        I write in a range of romance subgenres including erotic romance, contemporary, sweet, paranormal/fantasy fiction and historical. I hope to continue writing as long as my ideas keep flowing out from my mind.

        In early 2014 I experienced my own personal love story, when I married my one true love. I now live together with my husband in London.

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Pure Romance Collection Part One
(Elizabeth Reed)


Please note that each of these stories can be bought as a standalone separate story.

To Love a Difficult Man
Natalie works as a personal assistant for Sam Stewart, a famous and successful artist. Sam has always been difficult to work and live with, but Natalie is grateful to him for giving her the job, which has provided her with valuable work experience and an opportunity to travel the world. But now after two years, Natalie wants to leave Sam's employment and plan for her long-term future.
Sam is not impressed by her resignation, and tells her as much! Used to getting his way in all things, he is taken by surprise when Natalie challenges his wishes.
Then to make their relationship even more complicated, they share a passionate moment in New York, which changes things between them.
Will Natalie be able to acknowledge the real reason why she wants to put as much distance between Sam and herself? And will Sam admit what's behind his deep frustration and do something about it… before it's too late?

The Persistent Billionaire
Joshua Fisher is a billionaire businessman who, without fail, every week eats at Karen and her father's café. Over time, Karen has become on more familiar terms with Joshua, although she is keen to keep him at arm's length whenever she feels unsettled by his presence.
But now she can no longer avoid a confrontation with Joshua as he proposes to buy out her father from his business, which has been a labour of love and hard work for her Dad for over twenty years. Karen's father becomes distressed with the news, with the result that Karen sees no alternative but to march to Joshua's office and appeal to him to forget about his plans, despite the fact that Joshua has an annoying habit of unnerving her at the best of times.
Now Karen is to find that by letting her guard down and facing Joshua directly, she has opened up a new exciting opportunity that may just lead to her own happiness!

Husband Material
Richard and Caroline have been friends for many years now, having once been very close when they lived together as flat mates.
As the years have gone by and they have stayed in contact, Richard finally realises that Caroline means a lot to him: She is the only woman that he has ever loved and cared about. All he has to do now is convince Caroline to his own way of thinking and win her over!
Richard's mission will not be easy. Caroline already has set notions about him not being husband material. But even she cannot deny the mental and physical chemistry that they share between them. And it may be only a matter of time before she realises her own true feelings!

Running from Mr Adonis
Christina is totally in awe of Gregory Brown aka Mr Adonis. Every time she is near him, she is reduced to a giddy teenager, which makes things slightly awkward for her as his personal shopper! Now even more nerve wracking, she has accepted an invitation to his exclusive party. There, she competes with her friend Becky, who is equally smitten with Gregory, to win his attention.
What follows from the party leaves Christina completely confused. Gregory makes a confession that he has fallen hard for her, after seeing her from the shop window where she works some time ago. But how can his declaration be true, after Becky makes it known to her that Gregory spent the night with her and the next morning! Could Gregory really be a liar and womaniser?
With her preference for an easier, drama free life, can Christina really let her defences down and run away from the intense feelings that appear to exist between both Gregory and her, and instead accept them and fight for a possible future together?


No. words: 23267

Style: Romance - general, Romance Short Story

Available Formats: Palm MOBI EPUB Sony Reader (LRF) ;MS Word PDF MS Reader Text RTF 

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Product type: EBook

Published: 5 / 2016

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romance short story   sweet romance short story   clean romance story   alpha male   wealthy male

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